Summer Storage for College Students

Summer break is a welcome change for most college students – it’s a chance to get away, travel, earn extra funds, or simply take a break from studies. However, it can also present a new challenge: where to put their stuff.

Whether you are traveling near or far, the question becomes what to do with furniture and other belongings, primarily for students who live in the dorms. Because most dorm rooms are not accessible during the summer months, students usually have to move out at the end of the school year.

Don’t fret! With the semester behind you, there is an easy solution for where to keep your stuff: in a self-storage unit.

This is an easy and affordable fix for several reasons, including:

  •   Storing items is fast
  •   Storage rooms are easily accessible
  •   Your items are safely stored away
  •   Storage facilities offer many size options
  •   It is easy on the budget

What Size Storage Unit to Book

Unsure where to start? We recommend storage units that are either 5×5 or 5×10, depending on how many items you have to store. A 5×5 unit is similar to a small closet, great for small appliances, three to six boxes, knickknacks, personal items, and more. A 5×10 storage unit is ideal for storing larger appliances, five to 10 boxes, large seasonal items, and more. This is similar to a large-sized closet.

 You can also use our simple tool to determine which storage unit is the right size for you and your summer storage needs or call our onsite managers at the Silverado Self Storage office at 775-787-8600 with any questions you may have. You can also talk to a manager about finding the best option for your storage needs. When it comes to summer storage for college students, we’ve got you covered. 

Short vs. Long-Term Storage

Next, it’s time to look at the length of time that you will be needing your storage unit. If you only need it for a few months, this is considered short-term storage. This is common with many college students, as they will once again need their belongings when heading back to start the next semester.

However, life happens, and sometimes long-term storage is needed instead. For instance, if you are studying abroad for the semester, are living somewhere that’s furnished for the year, and so on. Long-term storage options are also available; simply decide how long you need the space when signing up. This can affect your pricing, contract, and more.

Climate-Controlled Storage Options

You should also consider if you are in need of climate-controlled storage options. Climate control means your belongings will be in a space that’s either heated or provided with air conditioning, depending on the time of year. This is most common in areas with extreme weather and should be considered for items that have high value (even sentimental).

Those who live in areas with high humidity should also consider climate-controlled units, as mildew can ruin items if they are stored away for too long. Fabrics and paper items usually pose the biggest risk.

Additional Storage Features 

Finally, consider some of the logistics. Do you want a storage facility that has on-site managers? On-site managers are a big help when you have questions or concerns. Consider the hours the facility is open, and if you can access your storage unit any time of day or night. If the facility has managers on-site 24 hours, do they have set schedules?

There is also the option for security cameras that run 24 hours a day. This can provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your belongings are under smart and strict security features, keeping elements and potential thieves at bay.

You can also use a self-storage location to park a vehicle. Whether you have a second car or don’t need your car and want to avoid on-campus fees (which can be hefty), using a storage unit can be an affordable alternative for your car. Consider parking options for a safe and affordable way to keep your vehicle tucked away.

Who Benefits from College Students Using Self Storage?

There are a number of students who will best benefit from a self-storage rental unit. Parents or family members who have reutilized children’s pre-college bedrooms (or who simply don’t have space), can help students find the perfect self-storage unit.

Self-storage is also ideal for students who either live far away or who will be traveling throughout the summer. Avoid moving your goods all the way back home and simply store them at a self-storage facility near campus instead.

Even locals benefit from storing their college stuff in local self storage. Knowing exactly where your items are and having the ability to access them at any time offers you freedom. They aren’t hassling where to stash items and are maintaining healthy relationships with family members who could be stressed trying to find a place for their student’s items. Also, just knowing your items are locked away safely brings peace of mind.  

Frankly, when it comes to summer storage for college students: parents aren’t burdened with storing college furniture and memorabilia (that sometimes never leave home again), and students can rest easy, knowing their items are safe. It’s a simple solution that benefits the entire family.

Consider Location 

Another variable to keep in mind is the proximity of your storage unit to your college or home. How far will you have to travel? How many trips will you need to take? Will you need to stop in frequently throughout the summer (or the rest of the semester)?

Choosing a storage unit that is nearby can save you time and money, even if you don’t need to make frequent trips. Keep this in mind when booking your storage facility.

Book Early

Plan Ahead. Reserve your space before the last day of school. Good storage facilities become booked. Settle on your storage unit and make plans for it to be available when you need it.

Our onsite managers at Silverado Self Storage are available to help you with your storage needs. Call our office at 775-787-8600 to discuss your needs or stop in and visit us. We will gladly show you around our clean facility.

Give us a call today.