How to Get the Best Price on Storage Units

Although the cost of living has risen, and we’re all on the hunt for good deals, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find the best price on storage units. We want to help you stay away from the traps of storage rental “deals” by giving you our favorite tips for finding the best price on storage units. 

Find the Best Storage Deals 

While every storage facility offers its own special deals, we provide a variety of ways to save here at Silverado Self Storage. 

  • Free Moving Truck Deal: Are you local to us? If you rent a 5’x10’ storage unit, we will loan you a moving truck … for FREE! Make your move into one of our storage units smoother by using our truck, and save a load of money in moving truck rental costs in the process. Talk about a great way to save a lot of cash! 
  • Second Month Free Deal: Did you know we offer a second month free deal on our 5’x5’ storage spaces? This is our smallest-sized unit (25 square feet), we understand that sometimes we all need just a bit more space in our homes. This unit is similar in size to a small closet and is great for storing three to six small boxes, small appliances, small decor, business records, or clothes. When you rent this unit, we will PAY for your second month, giving you a savings of up to $67. We told you we’d help find the best price on storage units! 
  • Active Military Personnel Deal: We are grateful for your service and want to express our gratitude by offering 10% off the monthly rental rate to our armed forces. If you’re ready to learn more about this program, reach out to us today! 
  • Moving and Packing Supplies Deal: Want to earn 20% off moving and packing supplies, such as bubble wrap, boxes, and packing tape? Rent ANY size storage unit and get 20% off all supplies. 
  • Free Moving Kit Package: For our new customers, rent a unit that is 10’x9’ or larger and receive a free moving kit (valued at $155). Our moving kit includes 10 small boxes, seven medium boxes, two large boxes, one glass packing kit (packs 12-24 glasses), one dish packing kit (packs six place settings), one small bubble wrap, one large bubble wrap, a box cutter, and more! We want to continue helping you find ways to save through our deals, giving you the best price on storage units.
  • Referral Bonus: Last but not least is our referral bonus. For every customer you refer to Silverado Self Storage, we will pay you $20. And the best part is this: There’s no limit to how many referrals an individual can make. Keep referring friends and keep earning money. Learn more about our referral program

Are There Other Ways to Save?

We showcased our promotional storage unit deals above, but there are other smart ways to shop for a storage space that can save you money. 

To find the best price on storage units, start by selecting the right-sized unit. Did you know the worst culprit of overpaying for a storage unit is renting the wrong-sized unit? Rent a space that’s too big, and you’ll find yourself paying for space you don’t need. Rent a space that’s too small, and you might find yourself renting a second unit for additional space. If you’re not sure what sized storage space you need, check out our guide for finding the right-sized storage space. If you’re still not sure what is the best size, chat with our team of storage experts to help you decide what is best for your needs. 

Choose Amenities Wisely

Love amenities? Us too. But keep in mind: The more amenities you have, the higher your monthly rental cost will be. The cost of climate control alone will drive the cost of rent up 30-50%. Depending on the items you are storing, you might be fine renting a traditional storage space. Learn more about what items need a climate-controlled space and what items thrive in a traditional storage space. Not sure you can get away with a traditional storage space? Check out our blog post entitled, Do I Need Climate-Controlled Storage?” 

Chat With Our Onsite Managers

The staff at Silverado Self Storage is super friendly and happy to answer any of your questions. We want to help you find the right storage space for your belongings and give you the best price on storage units. Come tour our facility and take a look at both our climate-controlled and drive-up storage units. 

Be honest with our staff. Ask them how you can find additional ways to save money and how we compare to other storage facilities. Chat with them about finding the best-sized and most cost-efficient storage unit. Our staff love helping customers rent less space than they think they need. 

Find Organizational Solutions

There’s nothing like a well-organized storage space. Not only does keeping things organized save money by eliminating the need for a larger storage space, but it also makes finding things inside your unit easier. Find inexpensive organizational supplies at IKEA and get to work making your storage unit into a well-organized space. If you’re in need of some extra motivation, check out this blog post on storage unit organization tips and tricks. 

Ready to put on your organizational hat? We’ve got a blog outlining everything you need to know for organizing your storage unit. If you’re looking for storage inventory apps to keep things even more organized, look no further than this blog post. We’ve got you covered. 

Contact Silverado For All Your Needs

When you’re ready to rent a storage space, we are here for you, waiting to give you the best price on storage units. Reach out to us today to secure your storage space – and lock in one of our fantastic deals. We’re here when you’re ready, but what are you waiting for?