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7 Benefits of Self Storage Units

So you’re convinced that climate controlled storage is exactly what you need, but have you considered that there are  additional benefits of renting a storage space? As you think about the next step in your storage decision, we’ve compiled seven benefits of self storage units. Wherever you are in your journey, we’re here for you! 

  1. You’re downsizing

Have you decided to downsize your home? Maybe you’re wondering how you will let go of furniture and sentimental items in order to move into a smaller space. If tiny living is calling your name, a self storage unit is a great solution. Whatever you don’t want to sell or donate will go into a storage unit until you find another home for it. Your items are welcome to stay here for however long you’d like. They are always home here. 

  1. You’re transitioning after a divorce

If you’re in the middle of a divorce and need to move your belongings out of the family home, a storage space is a great temporary solution. Your belongings will be protected in our climate controlled units from seasonal changes and harsh weather. You can rent our units on a month-by-month basis and cancel once you have a new permanent living space. 

  1. You love holidays

Do you love decking your home out for the holidays? If you love going all out, keep your decorations in one of our self storage units and free up space in your home. From spooky Halloween decorations to artificial Christmas trees, our self storage spaces have got you covered.

Even if you’re not a decorator, you might have winter clothes, ski equipment, and outdoor furniture you don’t want to keep in your house year-round. This is another reason a storage space comes in handy! 

  1. You’re preparing for the worst

Are you a “doomsday” prepper? Do you like to be prepared for a zombie apocalypse? If you stock up on survival equipment and freeze-dried food, then a self storage unit is exactly what you need. A storage space is the perfect place to stash canned goods, camping gear, generators, and emergency equipment. Here’s a list of food items that survive particularly well in storage. Don’t clutter up your home with these survival goods but keep them in one of our climate controlled self storage units until you need them. Bonus: This will keep your closets, basement, or garage available for other things, thus freeing up more space in your home! 

  1. You’re a hobbyist

Do you have a hobby that is taking over your home? Maybe you are a crafter, collector, or woodworker and are finding that your home is being lost in the midst of your collection. Our self storage units come in a variety of sizes, including units that are similar in size to small and large closets – perfect for storing supplies! Wondering what size storage unit you need? Our friendly staff is here to help you figure out what size unit is best for you.

  1. You’re being deployed in the military

If you’re deploying, you might not have a place to store your belongings. At Silverado Self Storage, we offer both long and short-term storage options to make your transition smoother. We even offer our armed forces 10% off our monthly rental rate. Check out our Ways to Save page to learn more about the discounts we offer. 

  1. You’re retiring

Many people sell their homes after retirement to pursue a life on the road or plan an extended vacation across the globe (Travel and Leisure recommends taking these trips after you retire!). Retirement serves as a perfect opportunity for taking advantage of extended travel, as your possibilities are truly endless. Now is the time to live the life you’ve always dreamed of having! Self storage gives you a secure place to store your belongings so that you can sip martinis by the beach without having to worry about your belongings. 

At Silverado Self Storage, you may pay your rent monthly or take advantage of our long-term prepay special. Call us at (775) 787-8600 to learn about our competitive pricing. We offer a first-year price guarantee!