Give Silverado Self Storage for Valentine’s

Do you know what you’re giving your significant other for Valentine’s Day? There’s always the usual flowers, chocolates, or jewelry, but have you considered something really different this year — something that sets you apart from all the years of chocolate covered strawberries like a storage unit? We know what you’re thinking, but we’re serious about this suggestion. Although maybe a bit unconventional, the gift of a storage unit could be exactly what your significant other needs this year. Here’s why. 

Self Storage for the Fashionista 

Does your partner love to shop? Maybe it’s a shoe collection that’s threatening to overtake your home, or seasonal wardrobes that have outgrown their designated closet space. Whatever the situation, give your fashionista additional space for their clothing and accessory collections. Your storage space will function like an extra closet. (And did you know we have storage units similar in size to both small and large closets? Or go big with our 10×10 unit, which is similar in size to a guest bedroom.) Add garment racks, Mid-Century style dressers, and a floor length mirror, and turn your self-storage unit into a glamorous walk-in closet. For an over-the-top Valentine’s Day surprise, give your partner a designer bag and leave it waiting inside your new Silverado Grove Self Storage unit. We’re convinced it’ll be a winner. 

Self Storage for the Hobbyist  

Is your partner a sports enthusiast? Maybe he’s an avid golfer and needs more space for his clubs, tees, and balls. or maybe your basement is overrun by woodworking or crafting supplies, and you are craving more order in your home. And who doesn’t want more space in their home? Reclaim your basement by renting a space from Silverado Grove Self Storage and freeing up valuable space in your home. Your climate-controlled storage unit will keep your collections protected from temperature fluctuations, which means his golf clubs will be protected from the elements and waiting for his next game. Make it more aesthetically pleasing by adding organization tools to keep things orderly. Maybe it’ll be the opportunity the crafter in your family has been waiting for to get all those craft supplies organized. A fresh, new space might be the creativity jump she’s been needing. 

Self Storage for the Minimalist

Does your partner dream of a minimalist home? If she’s inspired by Marie Kondo, Silverado Grove Self Storage can help! Keep extra holiday decorations, books, old CDs and DVDs, records, or old artwork and photographs in our climate-controlled storage units, freeing up space in your home. With all the extra space, you’ll be able to transform your home into a minimalist’s dream. Not sure what items thrive in climate-controlled storage? Check out our blog to learn what does best in climate-controlled storage and find tips on preparing your furniture for a storage unit. If you’ve been on the fence about committing to your partner’s minimalist mindset, the gift of a storage unit will show her you’re all in. 

Self Storage for the Prepper 

Does your partner plan for the worst? If prepping for a zombie apocalypse is a regular conversation topic, then look no further — a storage unit is the sweeping romantic gesture you need. Don’t be overwhelmed by a home filled with survival equipment and freeze-dried food. Instead, rent a space at Silverado Grove Self Storage and let your partner go to town filling it with all the end-of-the-world supplies you’ll ever need. What better gift could you find? 

Whatever category your partner may fall into, we’re here at Silverado Grove Self Storage to help. If you’re looking for a romantic, out-of-the-box gift, a storage unit might be everything you’re searching for this year. Find more details on storage unit sizes and rental procedures on our website. When you’re ready to make the leap on storage, we’re here to help. Rent your storage unit (and buy your Valentine’s gift) today