How to Create a Home Fitness Gym

If you’ve got fitness goals, there are a plethora of benefits to creating a home fitness gym. For one thing, building your own home gym makes working out more accessible. The ability to work out easily makes it into a lifestyle, rather than a chore, giving you the opportunity to work out as frequently as you would like. But the first question is – where do you start as you build a home fitness gym

Find a Unique Space

Time to dig up some Pinterest inspiration for your home fitness gym. As you decide where to put your gym, consider a spare bedroom, basement, or garage. But it doesn’t have to be a large space. It could be as small as a yoga mat in the corner of your living room. It really doesn’t matter how large or luxurious the space itself is. What matters most is creating a space that allows you to focus and prioritize your wellbeing

If your space is larger, you might consider adding foam tiles or a rug to protect your floor and your joints. Otherwise, a yoga mat does the job! 

Create Your Zone

Next up is creating the space itself. You don’t need fancy equipment or machines to make your home fitness gym. A helpful place to start is with an uncluttered space, which creates a place for you to focus, exercise, and meditate without feeling overwhelmed by surrounding objects. There’s nothing more motivating than a clean, uncluttered space. (In search of some decluttering tips for your home fitness gym? Take a page from Marie Kondo as you practice letting go of items that no longer serve you or bring you joy.)

Ask yourself: What inspires and motivates me? Maybe it’s inspirational quotes on the wall or windows to see outside as you workout. Maybe it’s a pretty wall decal. As you create your workout zone, make it a space that lifts your spirits every time you walk past it. 

Filling Your Home Fitness Gym

There’s no need to break the bank buying everything you want all at once for your home fitness gym. It’s okay to pick one or two things in the beginning as you gradually build the rest of your home fitness gym. Make a list of your fitness goals, and then purchase equipment centered around those goals. Do you want to run a marathon? Build upper body strength? Lose 15 pounds? Once you know your goals, you can add equipment to your home gym that will help you accomplish those goals. It also helps cut down on unnecessary purchases. For example, even though you might dream of owning a Peloton bike, there’s no point in buying one if you hate spinning.

If you don’t know where to begin, we’d recommend starting small. A jump rope alone can play a huge role in fitness (and makes an easy place to start in a home fitness gym). Find some online jump rope programs that will help you burn fat and build muscle quickly. 

What Do I Need?

As you start, here’s a list of some helpful pieces of equipment for your home fitness gym:

After starting with these items, you can work towards customizing your home fitness gym based on your individual workout preferences and goals. 

What Else Should I Prioritize in My Home Fitness Gym?

  • If your workout space is in your basement or a darker part of your home, you might consider adding some additional lighting to brighten things up. We’ve found some great tips for home gym lighting
  • Enjoy watching your workout form and fitness progress? Add a mirror or two to your home fitness gym. Check out this home gym mirror on Amazon! 
  • If you like zoning out while working out, try adding a TV or bluetooth speaker to your space. Remember: The more you customize your home fitness gym, the more you’ll want to be in your space to workout. 
  • Do you dream of a calming home yoga space? Add a dimmer switch, diffuse some essential oils, and purchase some candles. Try some of these calming essential oil recipes in your diffuser. Take a deep breath and watch all your stress roll away. 
  • Want to stay organized? If you’re not sure where to store your small pieces of equipment, purchase some baskets and bins for them. It’s possible to have a neat and aesthetically pleasing workout space that makes you smile. If your home fitness gym is in a multi-purpose room, hang some shelves to maximize space or even consider a curtain room divider to hide your workout gear. 
  • Need extra motivation? Download a workout tracker to plan and keep track of workouts. Having extra accountability is never a bad thing – and looking back on your progress is always motivating! If trackers keep you inspired, you might also consider a hydration and food tracker too. 
  • If you struggle to stay motivated with a home fitness gym, create challenges to help you stay on track. Invite friends to join you for weekly yoga or create fitness challenges between you and your spouse and teens. Who can meet their fitness goal first? Who can log the most gym hours in a week? Who can run the most miles each week? Who can finish their daily workout faster? The loser is in charge of dinner! Healthy competitions often keep people motivated and focused on their goals. 

Store Extra Gym Equipment in Your Storage Unit

Here at Silverado Self Storage, we are always available to answer your questions about our storage units and sizes. Have extra gym equipment that you don’t have space for in your home? We’ll store it in our facility. Pick up your equipment and gear when you need it and then keep it in your storage unit the rest of the time. Let’s talk about your fitness goals and storage unit needs!