Packing and Storage Tips

We know moving is hard work. Deciding how to pack and store your personal items can be intimidating and quite frankly, overwhelming. We want to make things easier for you during this already-stressful time, so we’ve compiled 20 helpful packing and storage tips for putting your items in a storage space.

  1. Put your most important items in the front of the storage space. That way, if you need to access them, they will be easily accessible to you.
  2. When you are filling your storage space, create walkways for yourself.
  3. Make a list of every item in your storage space and keep it in a safe place. We love the Cozi app for list-making!
  4. Make a map of where everything is in your storage space and keep it with your inventory list.
  5. Use uniform sized boxes for easy stacking.
  6. Make sure your boxes are sturdy enough to hold 25-30 pounds. We recommend not packing your boxes with too much stuff!
  7. When you pack your boxes, write the contents of each box on each side, close it with tape, and number each box. Here at Silverado Self Storage, we offer boxing supplies and will gladly help you figure out your needs.
  8. Put your heaviest boxes on the bottom.
  9. Wrap photos and mirrors in cardboard and mark “Fragile” on the side. We recommend stacking those fragile items on end.
  10. Prop your mattresses on their side, but be sure they are straight so that they do end up sagging over time.
  11. Put your sofas on end and store cushions on the top. However, we do not recommend putting leather sofas or loveseats on end. Put a protective covering over your furniture to protect them from dust.
  12. Do not put any flammable items, such as gasoline, paints, or solvents, in your storage space.
  13. Carefully wrap all glassware in bubble wrap and make sure the boxes containing them are at the top of your stacks.
  14. Wrap breakable items in bubble wrap, towels, or table cloths and put inside dresser drawers for extra safety.
  15.  Remove excess gasoline from lawnmowers or power tools before putting in storage.
  16. Break down tables with removable legs for additional space.
  17. Appliances need to be clean and dry before storing.
  18. If storing a refrigerator, be sure to leave the fridge door slightly open to avoid mold.
  19. Put items such as shovels, rakes, and hoses inside your empty trash cans, and stack any extra cans inside of each other.
  20. Cover upholstered furniture with a protective covering to protect against dust.

Hope you enjoyed these packing and storage tips. Check out our other helpful articles. Read our “5 Helpful Tips for Preparing Your Furniture for Storage.” Give us a call today at (775) 787-8600, and we’ll help you navigate the process!