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Save Money with our Business Storage Units

We get it. As a business owner, you might find your business has grown beyond your current space. If you have excess inventory or old files and want to keep your office decluttered, consider renting a business storage unit with us. 

We offer business storage units, perfect for the needs of your growing business! We recommend keeping a list of everything you decide to store, so you always know exactly what you are storing with us. 

Store excess inventory
Do you have excess inventory or items you only need for a brief time? Maybe you run a business out of your home and don’t want to store materials in your garage. Maybe you want to keep your living space free from clutter. Maybe you have inventory samples and don’t have a place to keep them. Regardless of whether you’re in retail or construction, consider using a storage unit for your business needs. We have business storage units as small as 5X5 and as large as 10X30. Check the “What Size Do I Need? section of our website to find your perfect size. No matter what your needs are, we are here to meet them! 

Declutter the stock room or the office
Keep your archival files and important paper documents with us. If you have sales or marketing materials, keep them in a storage unit so it doesn’t clutter up your office space. 

Store seasonal and promotional materials
If you have seasonal items, holiday décor, or promotional materials, store them with us and keep your office clutter-free. There’s no need to take up valuable office space with your Christmas decorations during the month of May.

Save Money with Business Storage at Silverado Self Storage
We understand the importance of saving money and are here to help. We offer cost-effective business storage solutions. Your rent can be paid monthly, or you can save money with our long-term prepay special. We accept all major credit cards and ACH debit. You can even pay on our website and set up an automated payment account. We offer a first-year price guarantee.

Let us help you with your move
We will assist in the delivery of your business materials. We can give our delivery drivers access to your storage space at no additional cost to you. Let us know in advance what you need from your unit and we’ll deliver it to your office. Call our office first, as some restrictions apply to deliveries.

Take advantage of our free moving truck as you move your belongings to our unit. We offer a free truck for local moves to make your transition even easier. Our truck will eliminate the need for multiple car trips and make your move that much smoother. 

We will help you select a unit that keeps your business running in a lean and efficient way. Call our office to talk with our staff today and we’ll help you decide on a unit that is best for the unique needs of your business!