Short-Term Storage To Improve Your Home Sale

Ready to put your home on the market? If you’re dying to sell your house and take advantage of the hot real estate market, we’ve got you covered with tips on short-term storage as you get ready for your open house. 

Where to Start

The importance of decluttering and staging should not be underestimated. Buyers, frequently influenced by shows on HGTV and Fixer Upper, often buy with their eyes. Even an amazing home may not sell as quickly if it is cluttered with an excessive amount of things. After all, how can a prospective buyer see the house for everything it is — and all the space it has — if it is extremely cluttered?

Start by going through your house and purging anything you don’t want or use anymore. Need decluttering tips? Here are some great ones. We like going through the house with two bags, one for trash and one for donations. (Check out this helpful list of Goodwill’s acceptable donation items.) Then, find your local Goodwill or charity shop and drop off your bags. The more you declutter the larger your home will look to prospective buyers. Once you’ve finished decluttering, you’re ready to move on to the next step. 

How to Make Short-Term Storage Work for You

After you’ve decluttered, your work isn’t done yet. The more things you clear out of your home, the larger it will appear to buyers. Look around your house. Are your walls covered with excessive amounts of wall art? Do you have too many pieces of furniture? Are there family heirlooms and knick-knacks everywhere? Even though you might like your decor, it doesn’t mean it will be appealing to buyers. Your realtor may suggest moving certain items out of your home in an effort to help it sell faster. Spending time preparing for your open house will give you a leg up on other sellers who have not prepared their homes in this way. Too many belongings in your home could literally cost you a sale. 

As you prepare for your open house, we recommend renting a short-term storage unit until after the sale of your home. It’s the perfect place to stash pieces of art, furniture, and decor. Moving some of your belongings into a storage unit and spending time staging your home will help prospective buyers envision themselves in your space. It’s even helpful to clear out closets and storage sheds to make them look as large as possible. Put these items into your storage unit.

How Storage Units Assist With Open Houses

At Pleasant Grove Self Storage, we offer a variety of storage unit sizes. Our smallest unit is 5×5, or similar in size to a small closet. Store three to six boxes, small appliances, knick-knacks, and other small decor items here. The next smallest, at 5×10, is similar to a large closet. Store eight to 12 boxes, holiday decor, and outdoor items here. Our mid-size unit is 10×10 and is similar in size to a guest bedroom. Store the contents of one bedroom, 10 to 12 moving boxes, medium-sized appliances, or small furniture. Our large units are 10×15, similar in size to a master bedroom with a master bath, and 10×20 and similar in size to a single car garage. Store large electronics, 13 to 20 boxes, and big pieces of furniture. Our biggest unit is 10×30 and similar in size to a two-car garage. Store large furniture and shelving, 20+ large boxes, and big appliances. 

If you are looking for short-term storage as you prepare for your open house, renting a unit for a month or two is easy! Our clients don’t have to sign year-long contracts. Simply rent as long or as short! as it serves your purpose. 

Ready to move forward with short-term storage? We’re here! Rent one of our climate-controlled units today and launch your home search forward! If you still have questions about how short-term storage can assist your open house, reach out to us. One of our friendly associates will be happy to talk with you and answer any questions you may have.