Storage Unit Tips and Tricks

When renting a storage unit, you want to use your space as efficiently as possible. More often than not, you have more to store than you realized. Packing your storage unit smartly will allow you to best utilize your available space. Thus, our storage unit tips and tricks below will help you do just that – pack smartly. 

With our storage unit tips and tricks, you will develop a plan for your self-storage space that works for you. You will find you can get more items in less space, leaving  you breathing room to get around. Our storage unit tips and tricks are well-researched tips from storage experts that will enable you to get the most out of your storage unit.

Evaluate Your Storage Unit Items

First, take a look at everything that you have in storage. If you haven’t made the move yet, consider everything that will go into storage. 

Now it’s time to stock up on the supplies – yes, even more stuff! However, this stuff will allow you to achieve better storage-unit organization.

Grab plastic totes, cardboard boxes, shelves, mattress and/or fabric covers, stretch wrap, and markers to label all of your stuff. You can get most of these supplies directly from us at Silverado; we’ll save you a trip. (Refer to our list of storage supplies on our website.)

Storage Organization Supplies

  • Plastic totes and/or boxes
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Shelves and shelving units
  • Fabric covers (couches, mattresses, chairs, etc.)
  • Stretch wrap
  • Permanent Markers
  • Storage baggies
  • Trash bags

Organizing and Packing Your Storage Unit

  • Begin boxing up items to save as much space as possible. Here’s a helpful storage unit tip: clothing can be vacuum-sealed or put into storage bags that have the air rolled out of them. This can save a tremendous amount of room.
  • Place shelves along the walls to help stack boxes neatly and safely. Maximize the space by going high up the wall in your storage unit. 
  • If you are storing shelves or furniture with drawers, these too can be utilized to store items and boxes, thus minimizing storage space.
  • Be sure to label seasonal items clearly and avoid burying them under heavy piles. That way you can access them as needed, without having to dig and move boxes every time you need to change wardrobes or pull out the Christmas tree.
  • Remember to start at the back of your storage unit, then pack up and out. People often take their vertical space for granted and end up using all of the floor space far before they are done putting things away. As suggested earlier, stack when you can, especially items that won’t need to be frequently accessed, to get more out of your storage unit.

The Importance of Fabric Covers in Storage 

In the supplies section, we mentioned stocking up on fabric covers of all styles, including those for your couch, chairs, and mattresses. Depending on how long your items will be stored, you may want to invest in a more durable or protective layer for your furniture. You should also consider the type of storage unit you are using as well as the weather: Is your unit climate controlled? Will there be a chance of excessive humidity, etc.?

Place mattresses in protective covers to keep dust and bugs away from your sleeping surface. These covers are a great storage unit tip, as they allow you to stack boxes and other storage items on top of the mattress. When your mattress is covered, you need not worry about brushing up against it and spreading dirt or possibly tearing the mattress cover itself.

You can also place covers on couches, chairs, ottomans, and any other important fabric items that you want to keep clean. Simple heavy-duty trash bags provide excellent protection for pillows or cushions. 

Help your belongings withstand a move or self storage by taking care of them with these simple tricks.

Creating a Storage Unit Master List

Finally, it’s time to create a master list of your storage unit – a treasure map of all your favorite things. This one simple storage unit tip will save you time and energy in months to come, especially when you are racking your brain to remember where  you stored an item that you need pronto.

Your storage unit master list can be a simple hand-drawn map or one created on a computer – it’s your storage unit, and this tool is for you. A rough layout of the unit identifying where various items are placed and a list of similar items that are packed together are really all you need to guide you when looking for items.

The Benefits of an Organized Storage Unit

 The most common mistake in packing storage units is doing it too quickly or without reason. We know it’s a big job, but spending time and energy on this effort is more than worth it.

An organized storage unit will save you time and lower your stress levels. It allows you to move freely within the unit and locate items as needed. It can keep your belongings better protected and stored away, no matter how long you leave them in storage. It also allows you to store more things in a smaller amount of space.

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