Seven Benefits of Drive-Up Self Storage

Among the many self storage types available today, drive-up self storage, or what we call traditional storage, remains one of the most popular because of its many benefits. 

What Is Drive-Up Storage?

Drive-up self storage is simply garage-like storage space that allows you to pull your truck or car right up next to the door of your storage unit to load and unload your belongings. The drive-up spaces at Silverado Self Storage are housed in rows of outdoor buildings with wide-drive aisles. Access to these spaces are available only through our secure gate access, and our on-site management monitors the facility 24/7.

There are numerous benefits to choosing drive-up self storage. The appeal is clearly the ease for customers to quickly access their stored items literally right from their vehicle. When in a hurry, having to go in and out of a building can really be more of a hassle than you might expect. While indoor storage spaces have benefits of their own, many customers put a premium on the ability to drive up and quickly grab what they need to load or unload.

Seven Benefits of Drive-Up Storage 

Here is our curated list of the seven benefits of drive-up self storage:

  • Ground-Level Convenience

As mentioned previously, nothing beats the convenience of drive-up self storage.  Ground-level access makes loading and unloading items with a dolly or hand-truck quick and easy. No worries about scratching furniture or belongings along narrow hallways or through tight doorways, simply lift the storage space door and unload your items right into the space. 

  • Security for Your Belongings

Renting a drive-up self storage space at Silverado Self Storage allows you peace of mind. Our self-storage spaces are a safe environment for your possessions. We have managed storage facilities for the past 25 years, and we work 24/7 to maintain the security of our facility. You can count on our onsite management to discuss any questions you have, and we manage Silverado Self Storage in a manner that’s consistent with local laws to secure your possessions.

  • Variety of Spaces 

Drive-up self storage spaces are available in a wide variety of sizes and are typically larger than indoor spaces. These spacious drive-up units with easy access are like having an extra garage, yet with added security. 

Silverado Self Storage offers a large variety of smaller sizes, too! Check out our size chart, and call our office with any questions about your space needs. 

  • Easy Access 

Being able to park right at the door of the storage unit while keeping an eye on things between the vehicle and the storage unit is a huge advantage. This is especially true for parents with small children in tow. 

Much of the damage that occurs to items being stored in self storage occurs when the items are being moved from the vehicle to the storage space, not while the items are being stored. Drive-up self storage reduces this threat by allowing customers to ease the loading and unloading process  by pulling right up to the door of the storage unit, alleviating stress, injury to themselves, and damage to items such as furniture and appliances.

  • Lower Cost

Drive-up self storage units cost less per month when compared to indoor climate-controlled storage spaces. When considering a short-term storage need, such as during a move, the drive-up self storage is a cost-saving option. 

However, if you are storing fine wood furniture or oil paintings, for example, sometimes climate-controlled self storage is required depending on the items you are storing and the length of time that you will need to store them. Call our office to find out if drive-up or climate-controlled storage is your better option.

  • Better Return on Investment for Large Items

Protecting the value of larger and more costly toys is one of the less-known advantages of self storage. When kept outdoors through harsh winter and summer conditions, larger items, such as boats, kayaks, yard equipment, or outdoor furniture, begin to suffer under the elements. Even when covered under tarps, gears and cranks rust, wood swells and cracks, and even plastic is weakened by the cold, heat, and sun. 

Storing these items inside drive-up self storage will extend the life of these valuable investments, which is a huge cost-saving and a better return on your investment. 

  • Business Saving Benefits

Drive-up storage offers small businesses time and money-saving benefits. The time savings of drive-up storage translates into significant savings in labor costs, and drive-up self storage is considerably less expensive than renting a larger commercial space for inventory or equipment. 

Many of our customers are amazed at the money they have saved by storing at Silverado Self Storage. Many of our larger units are ideal for storing sizable commercial or office equipment. Large, heavy items like desks or parcels are easily moved from truck to storage versus attempting to maneuver around hallways, through doorways, or around corners; boxes of inventory are quickly stacked and organized.

What Items Are Best Stored in Drive-Up Self Storage?

Drive-up self-storage units are best for storing the following items: 

  • Household and personal possessions during a move
  • Seasonal decorations
  • Outdoor recreation equipment (dirt bikes, jet skis, etc.)
  • Gardening or building supplies
  • Winter snow equipment (sanders, plows, etc.)
  • Metal, plastic, or resin furniture

A drive-up storage unit can make a world of difference in your life. It offers you the luxury of more space when you are moving – you can easily stage your house for a quick sale. It offers protection for some of your more expensive toys. And it offers you peace of mind to know your possessions are behind a gated entrance and being monitored with security systems.

When you realize how easy and convenient it is to load and unload your possessions at one of our drive-up store units, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! 

If you are wondering what kind of storage unit might work best for you and aren’t quite sure where to start, give us a call at (775) 787-8600. Our onsite manager is available to answer your questions and provide you with suggestions that suit your needs.