Tips When Moving in Together

Have you found the one?! Cohabitating with that special someone can be an exciting time in life. However, it’s also one that should be planned for. From finding the perfect address, to deciding how many TVs you’ll have in the home (and where), it can be difficult to get used to someone else’s living style. (And that’s even before discussing who’s in charge of the dishes.) 

Follow these helpful tips to get a jumpstart on planning for what’s ahead. From making decisions to easing one another into your strangest habits, you can follow these tips to smooth the path ahead.

Who’s Place? 

When moving in together, you first need to decide where you’ll live, whether that’s at one or the other’s current place, or if you’ll get something new altogether. Obviously, it’s a choice you should make together, but you can follow a few steps to make the process easier. For instance: 

  • Consider size. How big of a place do you want and/or need together?
  • Homeowner/leasing situations: does anyone own the property at which they live? If not, how long is left on the lease? Look at these factors and dates to find the best fit. 
  • You’ll also need a budget. Look at how much you can afford together, and talk about who will pay which bills. Consider whether you will be  splitting the bills down the middle or some other payment arrangement. 

How to Use the Space

Talk about how you want to use the rooms in your new home together. For example, you may want a game room but she might want an office. You may want a garage, and he wants a man-cave. She wants a sitting room, and you want a theater, the options go on and on. Deciding how the space will be used before you move in can ensure that everyone is on the same page. 

Pitch your ideas to your loved one, but don’t forget to compromise, either. Both parties should be in agreement how each room will be used. Even if you have to pick and choose what ideas will be used and where, having the discussion and figuring it out before you move in together can avoid hurt feelings later on. This will also be a great exercise in communication when living with your significant other. 

What Do you Have?

Who has the couch? What about a dining table? Bedframe? And more. Make a list of who owns what (including any duplicates), and what you’ll need fo your shared living space. This can also help you decide whose items you’ll use and where. 

If you and your partner have duplicates of any items, consider other ways of using these furniture pieces. Maybe there’s room for that futon in the guest room. Maybe you can put the extra table in the basement. 

Store Your Extra Items

After you have made your list of combined items and have decided which you will use, you need to consider what to do with the duplicates and leftovers. You have two options: get rid of the extras or store them.

Renting a storage unit is the perfect option. If you can’t part with an item and don’t have the space, rent a climate-controlled storage unit to protect your keepsakes. This buys you time to settle into your new home. Months later, after the stress of moving and learning the behaviors of your new roommate, you can consider what to do with your keepsakes. You will make better decisions about what to do with your items and not regret that you gave that family heirloom away in the rush of the move. 

Give yourself six months and revisit the storage unit to assess the items you have stored. You may decide you just can’t give an item away or sell it. Whether it’s sentimental, or furniture that you got a great deal on (and will never get again), you can keep it in your possession without actually having to keep it in your living space, thanks to storage units. 

Contact a local storage facility and discuss with their onsite manager which size is best for you and your partner. Check out our website to learn which storage unit size is best for you, where we show you what you can fit in the various unit sizes. 

Once you rent a storage unit, you will find it so convenient to stay organized. Storage units are great for storing bulky Christmas trees and decorations and other seasonal items. You can store gifts you want to hide, outdoor recreational gear, kayaks and more. You will wonder why you didn’t rent a storage unit sooner.

Keep Talking

As you make your plans for the future remember to keep talking about things as they come up. Communication is key, and setting up that groundwork sooner, rather than later, is a great step toward building a life with your partner.

Living with someone can be difficult, and there is likely to be friction, especially as you settle in and get use to one another’s habits. However, talking clearly about your expectations – and also listening to your partner’s expectations – you can build a healthy relationship. Applying grace will go a long way as you settle into your new living arrangement.

To learn more moving tips, or how to find the right storage unit for your space, check out our previous blogs or call our office to talk to one of our seasoned pros.